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CleanLink Mobile

Our popular award-winning Mobile App is used daily by over 850 site managers and supervisors with up to date Site, Contract and Staff information that enables them to carry out their tasks and update relevant data without having to return to the office to use a computer. Having the latest information to hand also equips them to provide on the spot answers to client queries and requests.

CleanLink's Mobile App integrates seamlessly with our Site Manager  desktop application. The app has been developed to work on iPhones and iPads (iOS v 9.0 or higher), as well as a version for use on most Android Devices.

With your staff using our Mobile App in the presence of customers and potential customers it gives a very ‘switched on’ impression. Giving your major clients a mobile device to do their own Audits is a deal clincher!

Key benefits

Auditing using the CleanLink Mobile App

The key benefit of using our mobile technology is to enable your Site Managers to work more quickly on site by enabling them to capture data at source, rather than having to return to the office to key this in.

The mobile app's functionality includes site audits, staff timesheets, worksheets, stores orders and means they can perform key operational and administrative tasks without the need to complete paper forms and deliver them back to their office. This speeds up response times and provides an immediate electronic record that can easily be shared with your customers.

The combination of a native app and internet link to our secure gateway technology means that your managers can perform key tasks without the need to be online. Once completed, the output can subsequently be transmitted back to head office. This provides complete flexibility to operate anywhere at any time, with the knowledge that your data is safe and secure.

Why not try the CleanLink Mobile Demo App?

  1. From either the iTunes App Store, or the Google Play Store, download the CleanLink app ‘CL Mobile’ on to your Device.
  2. Start the app and select ‘Continue without linking’
  3. This is a demonstration version, which gives you a full working model with six Sites and Staff. The ‘Inbox’ has partly completed Audits, Stores Order, New Staff Form, Site Review, Staff Review, Worksheet and a Complaint.
  4. You can create more from any Site. This version does not link to the web server for sending and receiving.



If you have any questions, about the CleanLink Mobile App, please contact us


The CleanLink Mobile App is used by over 130 of our customers, enabling their Site Managers to complete a range of tasks without having to return to the office:

  • Update Site & Staff Information
  • Carry out Site Audits
  • Create Staff Timesheets
  • Assess Hazards on Site
  • Update Machinery records
  • Take on New Staff
  • Order Stores
  • Conduct Staff Appraisals
  • Conduct Client Site Reviews
  • Create Worksheets
  • Quote for new work

The updated information is sent back to the Site Manager application for updating Sites, Worksheets, processing Stores Orders, creating records for new staff and creating Site Actions.

In 2019, our mobile app was used by over 850 managers and supervisors to complete over 235,000 tasks, of which 99,400 were site audits, 46,475 stock orders, 31,814 timesheets and 23,500 new starter forms.