Site Master Benefits

Simple and quick to use web application that enables you to get up and running very quickly at minimal cost and effort.

Flexible job scheduling that enables you to quickly set up and manage audits and jobs for your staff.

Powerful form building functionality that enables highly customisable forms for easy data capture whilst on the go.
Real-time communication that keeps both clients and staff updated with all the latest data.

We believe in working collaboratively with our clients and developing innovative solutions to solve their business challenges. Here’s what some of our customers have to say about us…

Claire Locker General Manager @ Interclean Estate Management Services (2015)

“After trialling Site Master for 3 months, we found; it was easy to incorporate into our everyday business. How easily it could be used on site by our employees and for our admin staff to use in the offic. Training was very straightforward and clear to understand. Any queries or issues with the system have always been addressed by Cleanlink staff and a solution found that best suits our company’s needs within a quick response period.”

Claire stated that the key benefits that the use of CleanLink’s Site Master and Portal Services have given to Interclean’s’ clients and staff are:

“Faster communication of site standards\problems and achievements to head office. More accurate KPI reports and outcomes. An advantage on all tender documentation and bids. A closer working relationship with all clients and staff. An advanced and quick search system for all clients, with health & safety documentation and audits. Quality plays a major part of each and every contract and we wanted to supply to our clients an immediate response for the cleans and what standard they are at. Any faults on sites can be reported immediately and pictures taken and uploaded to the Portal in real time .Through the Site Master and Portal we can now achieve this. The reports that our clients can see helps establish and continue our KPI figures and due to Cleanlink software our KPI figures for a major client stands at 100% in the month of November 2015”

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