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MCS Cleaning and Maintenance is a family run Midlands based commercial and domestic cleaning company that makes quality cleaning their number 1 priority. Their philosophy is that if it can be cleaned, they can clean it and offer advanced cleaning strategies tailored to meet their clients’ needs. The company started out in 2008 with just £50 and a hoover and have since grown to over 230 staff.

As MCS grew, they started to experience problems within the business whereby customers were being invoiced incorrectly or not being invoiced at all, cleaning supplies were being sent out and not monitored and generally things were being forgotten. They very quickly realised they needed to centralise their information and in February 2021, MCS introduced CleanLink into their business. Having explored and sourced several stand-alone software packages they knew they needed a solution that pulled all the information together in one place, and they liked the simplicity and clarity CleanLink delivered.

“We had trialled a few different solutions, but most were a compromise on what we actually needed. Most of the alternatives were software which had been adapted from another industry (usually security), but with CleanLink it was clear that it had been developed with cleaning companies in mind. What we really like about CleanLink is how they can bespoke each contract. It is a great selling point that you can tailor each audit to mirror the site”

MCS have incorporated 2 of CleanLink’s applications into their business, Site Manager which delivers a comprehensive software package that includes site contract management, payroll, invoicing, stock management and quality control.  They also use the CleanLink Mobile app, which allows them to access and update site information anytime, anywhere! MCS quickly saw a step change within their business, the invoicing issue resolved itself, their clients were happier, and invoices approved faster for payment.

MCS were then faced with another challenge. Last year they had the opportunity to tender for the Curve Theatre in Leicester. Curve were not only looking for a cleaning company who were local and trustworthy, they also required a company that could manage the irregular schedules theatres operate in.  MCS delivered against this with CleanLink’s Mobile app which up until then, they had only used for area management. MCS decided to put a tablet into the Curve Theatre for use by the site supervisor. Due to the sprawling nature of the site and the various areas that needed to be included, the site supervisor is now able to audit different areas each week, with a focus on public areas. CleanLink’s Mobile app also allows the supervisor to create her own product orders. These come through Site Manager for authorisation before being forwarded to suppliers who deliver direct to the Theatre. This ensures a reduction in bottlenecks within stock orders and allows MCS to have greater control over their budget. In addition, the site supervisor can use the tablet to on-board staff, record absences and complete return to work forms all of which are automatically updated on Site Manager.

The CleanLink Mobile app has helped MCS to create an efficient, successful cleaning business. It has made auditing, stock orders and updating site and staff details simpler and therefore more effective. They can design and use their own mobile app forms for capturing data, making it easier for managers to share information with staff, clients, and suppliers. And with this information automatically updated to Site Manager MCS have a ‘head office’ multi-site management of the business’s activities across all their clients.

“Overall, we are extremely happy with the CleanLink system and are finding that as we grow, there are new ways CleanLink can help to improve the way in which we manage our cleaning contracts in the future.”

Tim Blackwell Managing Director at MCS Cleaning & Maintenance Limited

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