Bulloughs Cleaning Services

Bulloughs are a successful family business that has continued to grow in size over the past 47 years. This steady growth is almost entirely due to recommendations from their base of satisfied clients.
The trust placed in them has meant that they are fully committed to ensuring that they get things right for all their clients and has enabled them to maintain their hard won reputation of providing a quality service. This commitment for excellence is also endorsed by their independent BS ES ISO 9001:2008 quality assurance standard award.
Bulloughs try to ensure their clients understand that they are always approachable and their team of directors and managers are always available to listen and deal with their clients’ needs promptly.

As a company who have been operating in the contract cleaning market for over 40 years, Bulloughs started looking for a software solution that was capable of integrating their operational day to day functions, to enable them to have instant access to accurate performance data and thus be able to feedback to our clients in a clear and concise format. To help them achieve these goals, the software solution needed to be able to; deal with their weekly payroll processing for over 1,300 cleaning staff, provide a workable and robust means of performing regular quality audits and produce performance reports for all their contract sites. They also needed to effectively maintain customer and staff relationships by their Regional Managers, by providing them with remote access to up to date information, at all times.
When asked why they eventually selected CleanLink’s software solution, Duncan Bullough, the company’s Managing Director commented:

“Having carried out extensive research on the products available in the market at the time, it became clear that the Cleanlink solution was the one we found that was specifically designed around the needs of contract cleaning companies and we found that the CleanLink team were the organisation who displayed the most understanding to the specific needs of the cleaning industry and also demonstrated the most innovative solutions to any problem solving challenges we put their way”.
Bulloughs have now been using CleanLink’s Software solution for over 5 years and Duncan further commented:

“We feel the integration of all our operational and management processes is the primary benefit the CleanLink software has provided for our company. We now have a single source for all information and therefore our Area Managers are able to answer the majority of client and staff led queries instantaneously, without the need to refer a question to a third party, or other department. This access to accurate information enables all our staff to focus all their time on the needs of our customers and not on peripheral administrative functions that had previously drained a significant proportion of their time. All our client reports are now produced in real time and so provide valuable feedback to our busy customers. It is also worth noting that our average customer satisfaction reports have increased to a level of 96.4% and I am sure a lot of this success can be attributed to the operational support provided by the CleanLink management system”.

Bulloughs Cleaning have featured in some of CleanLink’s video’s. See what Duncan Bullough had to say about how CleanLink have helped them grow their business – here:

It’s plain to see the reasons behind why Bulloughs Cleaning Services have been as successful as they are today. The steady growth enjoyed by the company means they can now provide cover to the whole of the North East and North West of England, from their headquarters located in the picturesque market town of Skipton, on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales.


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