Track Your Business, Reduce Emissions, Be Sustainable

There’s little doubt the world is changing, and we need to change with it. Natural disasters are becoming the norm, and scientists are extremely concerned changes are happening faster than predicted. The stark reality we face is demonstrated in the chart below as on the 2nd August the human population exhausted its natural resource yearly budget. For the rest of the year, we are putting more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and stripping more natural resource stocks than the planet can cope with. Put simply we live on a planet with too many people consuming too much to live sustainably!

Now is the time to act and to make a difference we must reduce our ecological footprint and businesses have a key role to play. The starting point is to measure your business operations, and this can be done with effective Business Management Software such as CleanLink. Did you know the CleanLink software can help you track your CO2 emissions? For example, transport is the largest contributor to emissions and reducing your mileage will have a big impact. Our software makes tracking business mileage is super easy and once your baseline mileage is established an environmental plan can target year on year reductions. Cleaning materials usage can also be tracked, and again employees can be tasked with yearly reductions!

By creating a more sustainable world it will benefit…

Your business

Use Business Manage Software to provide real time data to make informed decisions. Resources such as energy, water and raw materials can be reduced which protects the planet and results in less waste. This also leads to significant cost savings! Understanding how supply chains are managing their practices to ensure responsible and ethical products is also important to consider.

The Environment

Business management software can help to understand where a business can make the biggest change by targeting high impact areas. The priority is to reduce resources, and once this has been optimised the next step is to ensure everything is as eco-friendly as possible. Choose the best products and methods which includes investing in green products, energy efficient equipment and encouraging employees to adopt green behaviours.

Your employees

Social sustainability is often the last priority but in the current climate it’s perhaps the most important to sustain employees. Business management software helps support collaboration and communication which leads to happier teams. Providing fair wages and an efficient payroll system as well as creating professional growth and a better work life balance all enhance employee quality of life.

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