Is your payroll process giving you nightmares?

Here’s what you need to know.

Many of us will remember when management functions involved reams of paper with multiple error-ridden spreadsheets! Thankfully, for many of us things are very different today. The development of innovative software has transformed business critical functions, in particular payroll which relies on accurate data input to run effectively. An effective payroll system will significantly reduce manual efforts and will help to create a streamlined, simplified process. This allows businesses to focus on more strategic initiatives, a real benefit in today’s challenging economic environment.

Within the UK cleaning sector many companies are experiencing a tough labour market and the need to encourage and retain employees has never been greater. To stay competitive companies are having to think differently about how they motivate their employees and many now offer a wider range of employee benefits from pensions to free gym membership and childcare vouchers. All these different systems need to be efficiently integrated into your processes and the payroll solution you choose makes a big difference. We have highlighted three key elements your payroll software solution should provide to help make your process simply and effective.

HMRC Compliant

This is a must for any business that processes a large payroll and wants to avoid the risk of incurring fines. Ensuring your business is compliant with the latest statutory regulations and reporting requirements is easy to navigate with a payroll system that works seamlessly with HMRC. It allows your processes to follow their strict protocols decreasing the risk as failure to do so can be very costly. And it’s not only fines that are a risk, more importantly disruption to employee pay can also occur which could lead to employee dissatisfaction.

Seamless Integration with other systems

No one system can do everything despite what some companies might say! A good payroll system will be able to access and work effectively with data from other systems. Again, this seamless integration simplifies the process making it more efficient which frees up valuable administrative time and leads to increased productivity across the business.

Effective and efficient processes

We have seen examples where administration time has been reduced by a whopping 80% with the right payroll system being implemented and has been described by payroll teams as life changing! Your system should automate every step, which reduces errors and helps to manage every payroll scenario a business may face. It should also provide a secure data storage that allows managers and staff easy access anywhere, anytime! And when you combine this with an accessible, friendly customer services team it’s easy to see why the right system is a gamechanger for your business.

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