Time & Payroll

We have tried very hard to simplify the ordeal of paying staff. Through configurable setup procedures, CleanLink can be tailored to the way you work.

  • Our Payroll module supports weekly, two-weekly, four-weekly and monthly payroll cycles with minimal effort during each cycle.
  • Hours can be either entered manually or automatically and then adjusted from a default set up.
  • Timesheets can be completed using our Mobile App, our Portal, by spreadsheet, or by simple manual entry from marked up a paper timesheets. Alternatively, you can import hours worked from time and attendance systems.
  • Our Payroll system is HMRC approved and links to their Real-Time Interface.
  • We also fully support Workplace Pensions, with the production of the necessary files to interface with NEST, People’s Pension, and Now pension schemes.


  • Staff can be paid at multiple rates on Multiple Sites
  • Pay your staff Hourly, by annualised pay, or a combination
  • Unlimited number of Pay Codes
  • SSP/SAP/SPP, SMP, Attachments, Loans and Pensions
  • Qualification & Holiday tracking

Capturing Payroll Data

  • New Staff forms from the Portal or Mobile App speeds up the data capture process
    There’s no need for double-entry – you just review and import the record from the portal or mobile app. Proof of Identity and Address can be photographed and attached to the New Staff form and imported along with the employee details
  • Rates and Times on Mobile App
    Staff rates of pay and regular hours are synchronised and displayed on the mobile app, so your managers know who works where, when and what they are normally paid
  • Timesheets
    Timesheets can be generated from Site Manager and exported to either the Mobile App, the Portal, as either Excel Spreadsheets, or printed and manually amended.
  • Time and Attendance import
    Synchronise your employee and site data with your Time & Attendance system and Site Manager and Import hours logged in lieu of timesheets.

Office Processing

  • Weekly, 2 Weekly, 4 Weekly, Monthly or offset Monthly (i.e. 26th to 25th)
  • Annualised Pay or Regular & Ad-hoc hourly pay
  • Budgets and Days Worked, calculated correctly for Monthly Pay
  • Unlimited Number of Staff on a Site
  • Easy visualisation of site under & overspend
  • Back Payslips at anytime, including previous tax years
  • Payslips on paper, by email, online Portal, or by SMS
  • Pictures for Reference and Printing of Security Badges
  • Easy Lookup of Past Pay
  • Age Discrimination, Worker Registration Scheme, DBS
  • Ethnic Origin, Nationality, Work Permit Expiry & Extension, TUPE Transfer