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Automated Invoicing

Prompt invoicing is the key to a healthy cash flow, and is crucial to every business. For contract cleaning companies, this can be a significant exercise due to a number of factors:

  • Having 250+ staff working at 100+ locations, with different pay rates
  • In addition to regular work, many clients require ad-hoc variation work
  • Some clients prefer their invoices grouped together, others prefer them to be broken down by service, by site, by building
  • You supply numerous consumables, but not the same ones at each location, not always at the same price, and not always chargeable

With CleanLink, you can set up the the invoicing process to be as automated as possible. CleanLink gives you the power and the flexibility to configure your invoicing to meet your client's needs, whilst optimising the ability to maintain your cash flow.


  • Generate Automatic and adhoc Invoicing

  • Multiple Invoice Runs, e.g. Monthly,Weekly and ad-hoc

  • Flexible setups – invoice to Client, Site or Agent

  • Stores on main or separate invoice

  • Runs can be set up for different types of customer or periods i.e. beginning of month or for stores only

  • When a run of invoices is 'opened' the data is copied from regular invoicing. Browse this data and amend if necessary – the regular invoicing data is unaffected

On-site Processing

  • Stores ordered from site or from the office

  • Automatically added to the invoice at the price you have agreed with your client

  • Create Worksheets to capture regular or ad-hoc jobs.

Processing and Reviewing

  • Invoices can be selectively Emailed, Printed or On-Line

  • Invoices sent electronically to external accounting systems ie Sage

  • Credit control process

  • Copy Invoices at anytime

  • Sales Ledger with Statements

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