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Implementing CleanLink saved Whites Cleaning 80% of their admin time across their payroll and invoicing processes.

Whites Cleaning was launched in July 2013 by husband and wife team Vikki and Dominic White. Dominic had a strong background within the cleaning industry however neither had experience of running their own business. They started out with one van and within six months they were getting a lot of enquiries. They soon realised they had the potential to develop a successful cleaning company and built up a team of 40 permanent staff. At the time they had manual systems in place including the payroll process which quickly become inadequate for the number of staff.

Whites came across CleanLink in January 2014 when they decided to implement more efficient systems. At the time the decision not to invest in CleanLink was made, despite knowing CleanLink provided them with everything they needed to effectively run their payroll process, a decision they later regretted. They eventually implemented CleanLink in October 2016 when they grew to about 100 staff, with 175 sites spread across 100 clients and a payroll and invoicing process that had become very cumbersome.

Once launched, the CleanLink payroll & invoicing software had a dramatic impact on the organisation. Whites found it incredibly easy to use and they loved how the different parts of the system talked to each other. They were also astonished when they realised how much time they were now saving vs the Sage system they had been using.

“CleanLink dramatically changed my working life. The Sage process I was using was a laborious, manual process and it was such hard work. CleanLink was set up and ready to go instantly, you open up the page, set your staff up, press a button and off it goes, it really is that easy! The only input needed is when changes such as holidays have to be added. I can honestly say it has saved me about 80% of the admin time that was being spent on Sage” Vikki White, Whites Cleaning.

In 2020 they added the auditing service after a client wasn’t happy with the paper audits and wanted something more robust and professional. Whites immediately turned to CleanLink for a technological solution and trialled the traffic light auditing process which was very well received by the client. They liked how clear and concise the information was laid out and how quickly you can see whether there is a pass or a fail and what areas need to be focussed on.

In addition to the incredible time saving benefits, one of the highlights for Whites is the relationship with the customer services team. This was established at the very beginning with a comprehensive 3 day training session and it has evolved over the years. The relationship is so strong that Whites are confident they can send an email at any time of the day including weekends and evenings and know they will get a response. The response may not be the final solution to a problem but it’s confirmation that the issue has been picked and is in the process of being resolved.This provides Whites with much needed reassurance that problems will always be resolved quickly.

“The whole team are amazing, and they cannot improve. My relationship with Lucy in Customer Services is incredible. We have a fantastic rapport, as she knows exactly what I need and how to resolve any concern I have. I also value her commitment, despite clocking off at 5pm she is always around in the evening to support, she really does go the extra miles to help. She even knows when my birthday is! They really are second to none, it’s phenomenal.” Vikki White, Whites Cleaning

Whites have found the knowledge held within the whole team to be invaluable. They admit they lack any technological expertise however the CleanLink customer services team picks up that role, which is unquantifiable in terms of the benefits. The team ensures that technological instructions are simplified and presented in a way that creates user confidence for the team at Whites.

“I can honestly say that CleanLink is an extension of Whites Cleaning. They feel like a sister company and without them Whites Cleaning couldn’t do what’s needed to be successful and that’s not being dramatic, it’s being honest! They are now fundamental to us running our business efficiently.” Vikki White, Whites Cleaning.

The future for Whites is growth and they know CleanLink is the only solution to support them. They plan to continue to work closely with the customer services team as they are aware they are only using 19% of the system capability. They know the additional benefits the system delivers will only enhance their business management and they want to unlock that potential.


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