The Mayfair Cleaning Company Ltd

The Mayfair Cleaning Company are a long-established London based commercial cleaning company founded in 1910. With 113 years of experience, they focus on high end commercial businesses, making sure they make a difference to work environments. Mayfair work hard to understand their clients, whether it’s Lawyers who need their IP paperwork left untouched or the security requirements of the military, they tailor every single package.

Mayfair became aware of CleanLink when they split from their much larger sister company, which left Mayfair without a business management support network. Their processes required a lot of data input which at the time were manual and paper-based with no online access, making them very laborious.  A chance meeting with CleanLink at the 2020 London Cleaning Show led to a series of meetings and following a demonstration,  CleanLink appeared to be the obvious choice to support them.

Mayfair got started with CleanLink through their payroll function which they have found to be an absolute game changer! The speed and simplicity of the payroll system vs their previous experiences completely surprised them. Now the teams simply input their data and the system allows everything to be approved quickly and easily. Mayfair have also started to use the software to help them get on top of all the visas and work permits. With a relatively large workforce of 130 staff, some working on short term visas, keeping on top of this is business critical for Mayfair. Another important benefit has been the ability to move their admin support team from India to the UK since implementing CleanLink which has further simplified their operation, helping to improve efficiency and save money!

“Since CleanLink came on board we haven’t looked back. They have a very helpful training and infrastructure set up and we’ve had quite a few sessions to get us up to speed which has been great. We came from a paper-based system that required 17 different forms to be completed which was not efficient and by going digital our aim was to get away from that: I’m sure CleanLink will help solve the issue” Thomas Prendergast, MD at Mayfair Cleaning.

More recently Mayfair has brought on board CleanLink’s Mobile App and despite not having fully utilised it yet, they know the biggest benefit will be in helping them become more accountable to their clients. Firstly, the reporting function will always ensure they have up to date answers to clients’ questions as the App allows the management team to monitor who’s on site at any time completing checks. Thomas, Mayfair’s MD is already appreciating being able to find answers in 30 seconds rather than having to manually go through files trying to work out who did what and when! Clients have also seen significant benefits through the now traceable invoicing process, again making it easy to find information when it’s needed!

The latest edition has been the CleanLink Portal allowing both staff and clients easy and secure access to key data and documents. When Mayfair discovered the Portal, they liked how it would help to keep all their information in one place, with the recruitment function having particular appeal. Since implementing the software, Mayfair’s onboarding process for new staff has become both simpler and more integrated. It’s helping to eliminate errors when capturing personal details as potential employees now input their own information.

The system is also proving very helpful with compliance as often cleaners applying for jobs try to use someone else’s National Insurance number and bank details. Prior to CleanLink this would be flagged up when employees were paid, a month after they started. Today the onboarding process though CleanLink means documents are automatically scanned and checked flagging issues immediately. This helps to make the recruitment process run smoothly, a necessity in an industry that has a labour shortage and high staff turnover.

“As the MD it’s important that I have visibility of all the compliance and submissions we need to do as a business every month, CleanLink has allowed me to do this. My team are now able to stay on top of it with a lot more ease. I don’t have to just simply hope it’s all getting done, I can see it’s being done. It also gives employees more responsibility as they can access their own information, putting them in a position to take responsibility for their own data.” Thomas Prendergast, MD at Mayfair Cleaning.

Looking to the future Mayfair have significant plans to grow and they see CleanLink playing a key role. Site audits will become more relevant, and they will need to demonstrate to clients that cleaners are on site when they are supposed to be, as well as highlighting issues as they arise. This will help them to become genuinely transparent with clients. Mayfair see implementing CleanLink today as future proofing themselves, supporting the business and making all the admin tasks much less time intensive.

“The bigger we get the easier it is going to be to manage everything from one place and we don’t have to have a million logins for different systems. Just being able to click on one app and find everything in one place is really attractive especially as we start to bring on more managers and admin staff. CleanLink definitely makes multi-site management much more efficient and effective and provides real value!” Thomas Prendergast, MD at Mayfair Cleaning.

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