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Sue Prcychodn, Payroll Manager at The Cleaning Academy describes her surprise and delight at the ease of using CleanLink.

As a commercial cleaning business, The Cleaning Academy focus on delivering value for their clients and their management systems play a critical role. At the heart of this is payroll which can be extremely time consuming and create employee dissatisfaction if the right process is not implemented. The Cleaning Academy’s payroll manager, Sue joined them just over a year ago and this was when she was first introduced to CleanLink. Sue started working with her first an automated payroll system quite early on in her accounting career which she loved as the system delivered a great accounting package vs the manual process she had started her career with. That was until she discovered CleanLink and then she changed her mind.

At first Sue was nervous about using the CleanLink software as she was so use to the previous well-known software. She really wasn’t confident she would be able to adapt to the new system and then Sue met the CleanLink team! To Sue’s delight and relief, the team walked her through the different tabs, from clients and staff to invoicing and explained how they all integrate with each other. The simplicity of just pressing a button to go from one function to another took Sue by surprise as this was not what she was used to…

“They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks but I am the proof that you can as learning how to use CleanLink was so easy, it’s amazing! It’s simple to navigate and does what it says on the tin. If I get a problem, I just call up the support team. At the start, I was on the phone all the time and the team were just brilliant, at no point did they make me feel inadequate. I wouldn’t have thought that after using the same system for 40 years I would be able to learn something new and with the support of the team I did!” Sue Prcychodny, Payroll Manager at The Cleaning Academy.

Sue goes on to compare the CleanLink customer services team with the previous team she worked with, which she describes as completely different experiences. Previously Sue was subjected to very long call wait times, having to listen to terrible music, this often resulted with calls being cut off! When she did get through, she would be told someone would call back which often didn’t happen. Sue’s experience was not efficient or effective resulting in time and money wasted. With CleanLink this is what Sue had to say…

“I have CleanLink on speed dial. Sometimes they are busy, and calls go through to an answer machine however someone calls me back almost immediately. It’s such a personal service I feel like they’re friends rather than a support service. With my previous supplier I never knew who I would talk to and with CleanLink it’s someone I know every time. My previous supplier is a big successful business but it’s not personal and it’s not great and CleanLink has become invaluable to me. I can answer my boss’s questions within minutes rather than hours or even days. I’m not afraid to try anything on this system.” Sue Prcychodny, Payroll Manager at The Cleaning Academy.

The ease of using the system has also been seen across the business as The Cleaning Academy employ many older cleaners who also fear new processes. Once it’s explained how simple the CleanLink Mobile app is and with their managers help they are learning to successfully log their hours, so they get paid on time. This has recently become even easier with the introduction of a T&A system which provides quick and easy clocking on and off functionality as well as simplifying the process of creating timesheets, which up until now Sue has generated manually. The big challenge for The Cleaning Academy was ensuring the new system works with the CleanLink software and again Sue was amazed by the support from the CleanLink team. This was the first time CleanLink had worked with this particular system and as they understand the importance of different systems working together effectively, the CleanLink team went above and beyond to adapt their software and ensure seamless integration.

CleanLink’s integration with the new system has had a huge impact on Sue’s working life. The Cleaning Academy has about 150 employees and it would take Sue up to four days to input the data into the CleanLink payroll system. With the new processes staff now simply have to clock in and out whilst on site, the info gets captured and can be uploaded instantly to CleanLink. The real value for Sue has been how the three businesses have worked together, as CleanLink respond almost immediately with a solution whenever requests have come in. Again, it’s the ease with which this has been managed that has surprised and delighted Sue.

“I will get sent a report and all I have to do now is press a button and the payroll is done. It’s going to completely change my life as the four days it took me is now going to be less than an hour. CleanLink will always be with us because I’ll always give it the vote not to change. When something is working so brilliantly why would we look for something else. There really isn’t anything I don’t like about it. CleanLink is perfect for us, and I honestly can’t believe how amazing it is!’ Sue Prcychodny, Payroll Manager at The Cleaning Academy.

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