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The following is an appraisal on the selection and use of CleanLink’s software solutions within their business, by Brian Williams, Proprietor of ServiceMaster Clean Lancashire. They have been using CleanLink’s solutions since 2005 and have been early adopters and beneficiaries of the many enhancements that have been made since then, including the use of the Mobile and recent Portal services.

ServiceMaster Clean (Contract services) Lancashire was established in 1989 when we purchased a franchise with ServiceMaster Ltd in Leicester. Following extensive training we started from scratch, but rapidly built up our customer base in record time following a great deal of sales effort and a lot of hard work.

Since then ServiceMaster Clean Lancashire has gone from strength to strength, with a broad section of clients across all sectors from healthcare to Education, as well as general business clients.

Like most start-up businesses we started with pen and paper, but as engineers in a previous life, we knew the benefits of technology, even 25 years ago. We embraced the early software that was available for accounts and payroll, but the one thing that was lacking was decent software for personnel management. We tried various offerings and even developed some of it ourselves, but no one solution truly fitted the bill for our particular speciality. There are many idiosyncrasies with the cleaning business, multiple sites, multiple jobs and the like.

Enter CleanLink. Back in 2005 we were presented with the CleanLink Software at ServiceMaster Ltd following some trails by one of our franchisees. The benefits were immediately obvious and we soon had CleanLink on site setting up our system. There was no remote setup then. From 1st March 2005 we were operating the system and having to deal with the technophobes and the teething problems. Those same technophobes would now tell you that we could not run our business without CleanLink. It is the centre of our operations and has no doubt added to our profitability over the years.

CleanLink’s software has been developed continuously over the years and we now have the CleanLink Portal which allows us to immediately disseminate information regarding sites and employees out to clients and employees. Also, information is readily available on handheld devices whilst on site and is always right up to date with CleanLink Mobile

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