Orion Cleaning Services

Orion Cleaning is a professional commercial cleaning company that operates in and around the Midlands. Orion’s been keeping offices and business premises in this region clean for over 25 years.
Their Operational Management Team is vastly experienced. Each has a minimum of 15 years industry experience. They have a loyal workforce and a number of their cleaning staff have been with them for over 10 years.
Orion’s mandate is to make their customers’ cleaning contract ‘Easy’ for them. Their customers can then concentrate on their own core business.
Orion believes that regular client meetings and site evaluations are the secret to their success. They also believe in investing in the latest, industry leading information technology solutions to help make them more effective and responsive to their clients and staff.
When searching for a software solution to support their business needs, John Dodge, the company’s Managing Director said “We wanted a comprehensive system that would enhance our existing processes and would be easy for our staff of use. These requirements had to ally to the need for flexibility and the chosen supplier needed to show that they had a thorough understanding of the contract cleaning market”.
When asked why they selected CleanLink’s software solution in 2013, John commented:
“We needed an effective software package that allowed us to have digital control of customer service delivery and monitoring of the data associated in the management and control of our contracts. We have achieved this innovation through our investment in CleanLink Software.”
The key benefits that the use of CleanLink’s Software products has given to Orion and their clients are many fold:
Their Managers now use iPhones and iPads to control and verify on site data which makes Orion virtually paperless. Health & safety audits, material ordering, employee inductions, even their Customer Service Reviews (which clients then sign to keep a record of Orion’s performance) are recorded and stored digitally via CleanLink.
Like their Operations team, Orion’s Administration also needs to be top quality. The use of CleanLink software helps them ensure that each contract is viewed individually, to confirm workflow is both constant and consistent. Should it not be, they aim to respond within four hours. Accurate and timely invoicing and credit control is vital and a high priority for them. Wasted time at either end chasing inaccurate information is costly and not acceptable. The use of CleanLink software has helped them deliver on all these fronts.
Orion recognises the importance of independent accreditation for the way they conduct their business. They are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. They have Safe Contractor, Contractor Plus and Safe4Site approval to ensure compliance to health and safety regulations.
Orion’s Elogbooks, accreditation covers every aspect of facilities and service management. It is used throughout the UK to help manage over 15,000 properties, across all sectors. Elogbooks recruits and accredits only the very best service providers and is another endorsement of Orion’s service pedigree.
Orion is also a PICS accredited company. PICS is a renowned contractor and supplier prequalification service. Being PICS accredited ensures that leading suppliers like Orion, are prequalified to work in a safe and sustainable manner. PICS does this by pre-screening contractors to verify for adequate insurance coverage and their compliance of risk-based audits on safety-sensitive contracts.
In addition to these independent service delivery accreditations, Orion ensures all their staff are trained, registered and monitored under the BICs standards.


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