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Interclean Estate Management Services Ltd considers itself to be a different kind of contract cleaning company, with a unique approach within the industry. They don’t just put ticks in all the right boxes – they back this up with a quality service. Interclean EMS is a well-established cleaning company with offices in West Midlands. They have a deep passion for providing professional cleaning services that are second to none. They are proud to offer a high quality, personal service that delivers excellent value for money. Their reputation is built on the fact that they go the extra mile to make sure they always deliver the cleaning service they promised.

With over 20 years of experience, Interclean knows the business of cleaning inside out. They know how to organise and manage cleaning services to give their clients exactly what they require. In fact, they will tailor a bespoke service specifically to suit a client’s individual needs and budget, including contract cleaning services. They know that their clients want a hassle-free, superior, high value service and that’s exactly what they deliver.

Interclean EMS’s mission statement is:

To provide superior and comprehensive cleaning service to the commercial, private and public sectors resulting in a better working environment for our clients and their staff.

When searching for a software solution to support and deliver their mission statement and working ethics, Claire Locker, the company’s General Manager said “Over the years in this industry demand for technology based information and quick response was apparent especially at tender stage, with all new and existing clients. To compete with larger companies, Interclean realised we had to adopt new software and technology into the business to meet the many requirements of our current and future customers.”

When asked why they selected CleanLink’s Site Master software solution early in 2015, Claire commented: “After looking at many software solutions, Cleanlink was the one that suited our needs best. After trialling Site Master for 3 months, we found; It was easy to incorporate into our everyday business. How easily it could be used on site by our employees. How easy it was to use in the office by our admin staff.  Training was very straightforward and clear to understand. Any queries or issues we have come across with the system have always been addressed by Cleanlink staff and a solution found that best suits our company’s needs within a quick response period.” Interclean recently incorporated the use of the CleanLink Portal service to further enhance their business processes.

Claire stated that the key benefits that the use of CleanLink’s Site Master and Portal Services have given to Interclean’s’ clients and staff are: “Faster communication of site standards\problems and achievements to head office. More accurate KPI reports and outcomes. An advantage on all tender documentation and bids. A closer working relationship with all clients and staff. An advanced and quick earch system for all clients, with health & safety documentation and audits. Quality plays a major part of each and every contract and we wanted to supply to our clients an immediate response for the cleans and what standard they are at. Any faults on sites can be reported immediately and pictures taken and uploaded to the Portal in real time .Through the Site Master and Portal we can now achieve this. The reports that our clients can see helps establish and continue our KPI figures and due to Cleanlink software our KPI figures for a major client stands at 100% in the month of November 2015”

In the pursuit of service excellence, Interclean has successfully achieved accreditation for the standards are most relevant to their company. These are:

ISO 9001 Quality & Procedures

This deals with the way Interclean operates, how it is organised and the procedures that are in place to make sure things run smoothly. It also details how they keep records of what they do, keep track of compliments, or complaints and what corrective actions they take if anything goes wrong.

ISO 14001 Environmental Management System

Any business activity may affect the environment through the consumption of energy and other resources as well as by the production of waste. Although there are many legal obligations governing companies’ relationship with the environment, Interclean don’t just want to comply because it’s the law, they are committed to minimising the potentially harmful effects of their activities wherever and whenever possible. They do this by making efficient use of resources, reducing the level of harmful emissions, promoting recycling, as well as by using recycled materials and eco-friendly products. They are also keen to work in partnership with suppliers, clients and subcontractors to minimise the impact of their operations on the environment.

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