Case study: Ecocleen Services

As a contract cleaning and soft services company, Ecocleen has 19 years’ experience in a variety of areas including cleaning, recycling and waste management, pest control , washroom services, and interior and exterior landscaping. Its ‘green’ ethos ensures it delivers outstanding results while not compromising the wellbeing of its staff, customers and the environment – confirmed by its use of EU accredited, eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaning products.

Ecocleen services around 600 sites for over 400 customers across the UK, employing roughly 700 people. Its customer base includes educational facilities, healthcare providers, car showrooms, offices, libraries, leisure centres and manufacturing businesses such as depots, factories and logistics warehouses. With a wide reach across so many sectors, Ecocleen is keen to maintain the momentum of its growth, while maintaining and improving standards for its established clients.

Paul Smith, Ecocleen’s Commercial Director, is no stranger to hi-tech wizardry, having spent 19 years in the Air Force. He felt strongly that robust systems and processes, driven by the latest technology, would give Ecocleen the level of detail and immediacy of response that it needed to set them apart from other commercial providers – and that’s where CleanLink came in.

Developed solely for the contract cleaning industry, CleanLink’s software solutions include all the functions needed to operate a cleaning company including: payroll, invoicing, worksheets, stores, quality control, budgets, risk assessments, actions, machinery, documents and contacts. The data is held by each of Cleanlink’s clients on their own computers, for office-based staff to access; but they can now also ‘go mobile’ thanks to an app that works on iPhones, iPads, iPods, Android tablets and smart phones.
The app allows companies to manage their locations remotely, enabling head office to monitor activities, keep track of progress as it happens, and update clients regularly to maintain high satisfaction levels. It allows managers to perform onsite audits, place orders for supplies, log requests from customers, receive instructions, record client satisfaction rates and take photographs. Access to information such as staff, client and site details, specifications, pay rates and hours allocated is also available at the touch of a screen.

“The iPad app was the real driver for Ecocleen,” says Paul Smith. “We have 12 regional offices and over 20 managers, so we needed something that was easy to use and incredibly responsive, helping with customer communication and the audit trail. It gives our managers control and reduces the administrative burden on them, because it ties all our systems and processes into one package.

“From my company’s point of view, the key benefits are visibility of information, immediacy of response and financial control, allowing managers to keep a keen eye on budgets and improve profitability. Our customers gain the advantage of a system that links in with and confirms our commitment to ISO 9001, which helps us to deliver even higher quality results.”

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