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As an accredited BS EN ISO 9001:2000 company, we are always looking to expand our client portfolio of high profile organisations. With that in mind, pursuing client satisfaction and contract retention is the key to our success and why we are always at the forefront of new and innovative thinking. As a proactive and focused organisation with a proven track record for embracing all things new, we issue all of our Operational Management with iPads and CleanLink’s latest auditing management software to monitor the performance of our contracts. CleanLink is specifically designed for the cleaning Industry which is why we have chosen this over many others in the marketplace.

This software has truly revolutionised our Industry and with it our operations team, enabling them to audit score, order materials and consumables on line, asset track equipment and access employee details, site hours and payroll budgets all at the push of a button without having to return to the office. This ensures we are spending maximum time on our contracts managing and driving standards forward rather than paper filling at a desk.

A major piece of the CleanLink jigsaw is ‘Quality Management’ Our simple auditing system is carried out jointly with our clients. At the end of each audit we ask our clients for their comments and in turn they sign the audit on the Ipad to confirm the findings. This is then emailed straight to the client with a copy going straight in the file for that site on the main CleanLink portal at Head Office. Each site is set agreed service levels and percentage scores which allows the administrators at Head Office to continually assess and discuss our cleaning standards with the relevant operational team as the audits come into the portal.

CleanLink enables us to breakdown your premises into measurable areas and then in turn the measurable areas to be broken down still further into individual tasks and to the standard they have been performed. We believe this is a very effective way of measuring the standard of quality delivered. This systems allows us to remain transparent in all that we do and ensure all of our contracts are monitored to the highest standards.

We of course carry out daily inspections and visual checks on all our contracts via the Site Supervisors which allows us to formulate the basis of our quality monitoring programme and the detailed system described above would be undertaken on a minimum of a monthly basis.


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