Case study: City & Essex Cleaning & Support Services

It is also committed to developing its staff, who are given access to training courses under the NVQ, IOSH and BICSc programmes via its own trainers and assessors. This commitment also extends to making sure that they have the best and most technologically advanced tools to enable them to provide unrivalled customer service to their clients – and that’s why it uses the CleanLink Site Manager software application.

Site Manager runs on PCs with a link via WiFi, 3G or by docking to your iPhone, iPod, iPad or Android device. It lets companies manage their sites remotely by giving employees access to a huge amount of information and actions – all tailored to that company’s specific requirements – from site details, work sheets and risk assessments through to stores, audits and budgets.

Before using CleanLink, City & Essex had another bespoke cleaning package that allowed it to complete wages, regular and one-off invoices, credit control and purchase ledger, but it was quite basic when it came to ordering stores and producing reports and data to mail merge client information. It also lacked the facility to run quality auditing programmes or retain equipment PAT testing records. This meant that the company had to run several separate programmes, making the integration of data very difficult.

CleanLink’s Site Manager application enabled City & Essex to integrate all but one of its programmes into a single package. Information – including client data (incorporating multi-sited addresses); staff employed at those sites; customer care/complaint logs; and quality audits – is now stored in just one ‘area’ which can then be fed out to managers on site via iPads or iPhones.

“The sharing and updating of information in one computer programme has been a massive bonus to us,” said Sue Hookway, company secretary and office manager for City & Essex. “Our area managers now visit sites with all the information they require on their iPads in an easily updatable and readable format. They can also take photos and complete and upload audits whilst on site so the helpdesk personnel in the office know exactly what the issues are, if any.”

Site Manager also allows City & Essex to produce meaningful monthly reports for its larger clients, tracking costs, attendance and supplies. The company now also works closely with CleanLink’s development team and benefits from being the first to test new applications. This partnership working enables City & Essex to have some input into improvements or upgrades, making the software even more applicable and relevant to contract cleaning companies.

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