Case study: CASS Cleaning and Support Services

Client satisfaction and maintaining high standards is paramount to CASS. Before any contract starts, the company carries out a full survey of the premises in question, working closely with customers to create the most effective cleaning regime for the location. Throughout the course of the contract CASS promises to measure performance against specification and to rectify any service shortfalls promptly – and it is now doing this even more effectively thanks to CleanLink’s Site Manager software.

Site Manager was specifically designed in response to a need for contract cleaners to manage their sites more efficiently by giving them access to an important range of information and functions for each individual location. This includes worksheets, stores, quality control, budgets, risk assessments, audits, machinery, documents and contacts – and this is all now available as a mobile app for iPhone/iPod/iPad or Android smart phone/tablet.

Grahame Chapman, director and general manager of CASS, said: “We bought the CleanLink software initially for the quality control module, but once we started using the product to its fullest extent we realised the benefits of all the functions.

“Site Manager enables us to run a range of different reports and clients are so impressed by it that they are now keen to be more involved, wanting to walk around with us while we complete our check lists via tablet or smart phone. In this way it has brought us even closer to our customers and enhanced communications.

“Another major benefit is that it has all the information we need in once place, such as staff details and specifications, so we can do our job more effectively and efficiently. It also gives us much more control over costs and profitability compared to a previous accounts package we had.

“And it’s not only clients that appreciate the ease and accessibility of the technology – prospective employees do too. When we show candidates the system they have expressed amazement at the responsiveness and usefulness of the CleanLink application – so Site Manager is definitely a USP!”

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