Absolutely Cleaning Services

Absolutely Cleaning Services was first established as a privately owned company by Colin Bell in 1998. They later became a Limited company in 2001. The Company has offices in Calne, Wiltshire and Oxford and employs 200 staff.  Absolutely supply professional commercial cleaning services to over 80 businesses, councils and educational establishments at 120 sites throughout Oxfordshire, Wiltshire and Avon and specialise in office, university, school and college cleaning. They offer a friendly, reliable and high-quality cleaning service and pride themselves on being responsive, proactive and considerate about their customers’ needs. They are a Preferred Supplier to the University of Oxford and Wiltshire Council.
The Management team within Absolutely have over 20 years’ experience in the commercial contract cleaning industry. By entrusting Absolutely Cleaning Services with their cleaning requirements, their customers are rewarded with a reliable service and outstanding results. This is achieved through the many years of experience coupled with professionally trained staff. These attributes help to make them the right choice, every time. Absolutely Cleaning Services provide their customers with:
• A comprehensive range of services
• Cleaning tailored to meet individual requirements
• The right treatment that is kind to floors, furnishings and facades
• The use of non-hazardous and environmentally friendly cleaning products
• Qualified, reliable and friendly staff
• Extensive in-house monitoring of all cleaning work

Absolutely Cleaning Services Limited were one of the first commercial contract cleaning companies to adopt CleanLink Site Manager software in the UK and since they took it on board in the mid-1990’s. Over the last 25 years they have helped to influence how the software should operate. They continue to ensure that extensive use is made of all CleanLink Site Manager functionality and have embraced all elements of the Site Manager solution, including their use of the Mobile App and in 2014, the CleanLink Portal service and more recently, the Site Manager hosted solution.
When asked why they had chosen to use the CleanLink Portal solution within their business operations, Gaye Brown, Office Manager explained:
” Our initial motive for using the Portal was for our Oxford University contract. We have a framework agreement with the University to supply them with regular KPI data. We wanted to use the Portal as a platform, to help us comply with this need. By accessing the Portal, Oxford University’s internal contract managers can see the results of our audits, log and view progress of any complaints, view invoices and view allocated hours for each individual site (over 100). They are also able to view any other information associated with their contract, plus find copies of our own company H&S documents, internal operational policies, external accreditations etc.
We also provide access to the Portal for our Staff. Here they can view their own personal company held data, including their Payslips. New employees are also given a Portal user account as soon as they start”.
When considering the range of benefits that using the CleanLink Portal has provided to them and their clients, Gaye added: ” Clients can view their own contractual information on-line and at any time, without having to contact us. We also upload their Invoices and Audits to the Portal each month, directly from Site Manager, for ease of distribution and access. Employees are able to retrieve pay slips, P60s and all policies, company photographs and event information, training records, Health & Safety info. HR policies etc”

Overall, the CleanLink Portal has been a great success story for Absolutely Cleaning Services and has helped them to improve efficiencies and reduce their administrative burden. They are now planning to expand its use to benefit all their Clients during 2020.

In March 2021, Absolutely Cleaning Services migrated their locally installed Site Manager application on to CleanLink’s hosted solution. This enabled their 6 users to be able to access their system from anywhere using just a web browser. Lisa Thomas-Butterworth, Office Manager since February 2021 explained “This has really helped us comply with the UK Government’s advice on working from home during the outbreak of the Covid pandemic. It’s been absolutely brilliant. Logging on directly via a secure web browser is so quick, simple and it’s safe and secure. Updating the application with the latest release is really easy and the performance improvement is really noticeable! All that and the Team at CleanLink have been really good to work with!”

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