The last couple of years have seen unexpected and fundamental changes to many industries due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It’s been a rocky road for most organisations where face-to-face interaction is key, particularly those in the cleaning industry. During the pandemic, businesses based in offices were required to have their employees work from home, which meant the scope of office cleaning was drastically reduced. Similarly, the lockdowns in the UK required that no guests were allowed in residential homes, including cleaners. This significantly reduced the demand for cleaning services, forcing many businesses to furlough their employees. . In 2020, the cleaning industry contracted, with 53% of contract cleaning companies seeing a reduction in turnover compared to pre-Covid levels. Many UK cleaning companies had to either furlough between 10% and 80% of their staff, or make redundancies in order to survive. In 2021 however, we saw a positive change. With a lot of restrictions being lifted, there was a partial return to normality for many clients of contract cleaning companies, but will this mean that the cleaning industry will grow in 2022? Yes, is the short answer – the cleaning industry is most likely set to continue to grow. As the world emerges from the pandemic, businesses want to deliver, and be seen to deliver the highest levels of cleaning, hygiene, and infection prevention to reassure and protect their customers, guests, and employees. The  pandemic has raised awareness of the value and importance of hygiene at a critical time for the cleaning industry. Businesses are now investing more into cleaning services.   In addition to combating the effects of the pandemic, sustainable cleaning has become a focus since 2020, with 60% of customers reporting that they’ve made more ethical and sustainable purchases since the start of the pandemic. This may stem from the change in mindset we have seen since the pandemic began. People are more conscious of looking after their health and protecting themselves from what can be damaging to their bodies and their environments since the pandemic began.  Using biological products rather than chemicals promotes a safer environment, as well as reducing the risk of long-term illness. Eco-friendly cleaning products are on the rise, providing a number of alternatives that compete with regular cleaning products that contain harsh chemicals. Not only do they reduce environmental damage, but they also protect the health of people in these environments. In summary, 2022 will see more businesses seeking to work with professional cleaning companies, who can give peace of mind and the confidence that their environment is safe and well maintained. Professional cleaners are experts in their field and hiring a reputable commercial cleaning service helps ensure that the highest standards of cleanliness will be achieved.